the heiress

i think all girls are heiresses, & we should rightfully inherit the world, adding to it, what only we can, the little bit of you, that no one else could do. this is a bit of mine. :)
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i love you. duh. :)

super duper late #ootd
yeah, that pink coat again. 
with some stripes. 
over some skinnies. 

wild arrangements for a wildly awesome girl. duh. 

crushing on : #chaises & #furthrows. 
my romance with this look is nearly unparalleled. 
style, comfort and convenience. yes!

cool, windy day in l.a. today, 
& i adore it. :)

i’m getting much better at organizing my life, 
& making it a habit to either execute a thought, task, idea, 
or plan then to do it by writing it down somewhere i will see it asap. 

as a result, my efforts get much more quality. :)
& my energy gets distributed better. 

this way i can purposely give things much more worth my time, 
more attention. 
& the things that don’t deserve my time, eventually fall off. :)
lovely right?

#new perfect pink coat from HM. 
imagine, it’s even better in person. 

i’ve been avoiding my tumblr. 
out of shame. 
from procrastinating on all the post
i haven’t posted. 
i’m better now. :)

#ootd - from the other day. ;)
i used to despise jean on jean.
now, i’m slightly obsessed. 

way #4 - changing your behavior. 
the lessons of adap. :)
good stuff. xo.

#ootd - tweed stripes. :)
stay well people. xoxo. :)

this shirt, 
is obviously a favorite. 

inbox favor :) : Isaiah 53:4-5 

happy weekend y’all!

i always adore fridays. 
silly #ootd to celebrate. 

as well as some golden friday soundtrack menace music. 
schoolboy, :) 
happy friday y’all.

money green monochrome :)
stay great y’all.

the brightness in burberry. 
all up in the winter time, :)

#crushing on #LANVIN :)
women’s winter 2014. 

juicy camo. 
hey y’all, :)